Mindful Movement: We are entities, that need the right backings – just like businesses.

Just like a business, if we, as individuals have the right backing, the right investments put into us – there’s more chance of success, focus, confidence….and this is where i want to share my dream of the importance of coaching with you.

Along with you, the reader – I can comfortably assume we have a fair overview of knowledge as to what investors look for in a business – before they put their dollar in. BUT, before we talk about the what let’s speak about the why for a second. WHY is it so crucial that books are tidied, marketing plans are engaged, past success or trial/error is shown, synergy is ensured – all of these key ingredients to what an investor will look for in a business.

All banking on forward driving success and credibility that investments will be returned, and essentially bigger and better things will constantly come of an investment. So, us individuals just like businesses that are invested into – our backings or investments others make in us (parents giving education), and investments we make in ourselves (for eg what we may choose to do in spare time is often a great measure) are crucial to forward driving success.

This for me, is where the importance of individual investments in one’s self are just as important.

(Late sunday evening thoughts that I wanted to put out and share, I hope reading this will spark some good thought).


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