Mindful Movement: Not only a brand, but THE way to, and of life.

Break down the two words. Mindful | Movement – the latter, the way in which we get from A –> B, today –> tomorrow, day –> night. EVERYTHING, is movement, the sun the moon, the world – everything moves.

This is where I get so excited, and so crazily passionate about being able to share and essentially verbal vomit. MOVEMENT ! It’s absolutely mesmerising as to the difference in which we as individuals can create for ourselves and our world if we’re just, a little bit (and by a little bit i mean literally 3-4%) more AWARE, CAUTIOUS, ALERT, PRESENT in all that we do. The act of adding a hint of Mindfulness to our Movement – the same in which we add a dash of milk to a coffee, to dilute it out a little bit and make it even a little more mild, enjoyable, even cool if it’s too hot.

MINDFUL MOVEMENT. say it out loud, or in your head 10 x, THEN GO AND DO ! 🙂


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