Mindful Movement: T-1-M-E

Time….what would you give to get more of it? If you answered anything but “we can’t get more time than we have..”, you should look into our Private Movement Initiative – (we’ll be launching our first elitist group movement later next month lead by our Chief Heart Officer).

Time: what we want the most, but we use the worst. So have a think, have a journal, have a brainstorm about how you use time… a way I often organise my thoughts around time and where / how I invest time – are by pulling out my journal and drawing a pie chart….then understanding what fractions of the pie get allocated where.

Image result for word art pie chart
How do you spend your time?

Strongly encourage this, getting a better idea of where you’re investing your time and what’s coming out of that. My Private Movement Initiative will spend a lot of our efforts around goals, goal setting and also barriers that may get in the way of that – ALL of this has to do with allocation of time, how much we have of it and aggregately where are we placing this.

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