Mindful Movement: The day of the Sun

Sunday’s: aaaah…right before the Monday blues.. I used to spend my Sundays moping around, complaining the weekend has passed too fast and Monday was around the corner (..!dreadful).

But I’m starting to understand, and for this reason share with you the cruciality of the day of the Sun (Sunday’s). – A day of brightness, brightness and hope for the week ahead. NOW, I use Sunday to control both the mind a little bit more, and an opportunity to plan the week ahead.

Creating plans around the important tasks for the week, what needs to get done, what’s needs to be accomplished….. as well as exciting things that can be planned to create things to look forward to for the week ahead. Work hard, play hard.

“When we feel we’re not in control, fEAR appEARs”

The minute we take more control, we are mindful of our movement, and purposeful action we reduce that element of fear….. much of it, fear of the unknown.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean Sunday’s aren’t a day for relaxation, catching up on anything you haven’t had time for the in the week, shopping, light boozing, etc…. Just ensure taking control of things a little more on this day, and use the brightness of the SUN ☀️!

pROtip: take a comfy, inked pen and a fresh sheet of paper – and jot down ideas, plans, important events for the week, catch up’s, odd jobs and shopping lists….. to start thinking about how the week ahead is going to be a great one. Happy Sunday! 😎

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