Mindful Movement: ME-ditation (Meditation)

ME TIME !!!! All about the ME…. stepping into the zone of ME.

ME-ditation – Now this isn’t a selfish act (ME), it’s an act of collecting yourself, on-loading as I like to call it too, and ensuring calmness..presence..focus for all that your day brings you.

Working with the breath….not against it, but being more aware of it, almost as if a reminder to continue the flow and to send oxygen to our brain (trust….sometimes we do forget and get clouded in thoughts, feelings, judgements).

Meditation (ME-ditation) is a journey, it’s an act of going from movement –> stillness, noise –> silence. Calming the mind, the body and being at one with the world. A same sense of which the waves consistently come back to hug the shore…..and then back out toward the water…..and repeat (we are all one with the world).

To worry, to think (and get lost in a cloud of thoughts..), to return to the past, or try and predict the future = these are all natural human instinct’s. So with Meditation (ME-ditation), a pause, to put yourself (ME) in the present moment – first. Return back to the core (the ME) A great way to turn movement into stillness for a few quiet moments, concluding in calmness.

Try it…all you have to do is sit in a quiet corner, eyes open or closed….and just take a deep breath in (expand the diaphragm – as if you’re collecting a ton of air in)…..and release (causing the diaphragm to return back to normal)……and repeat.

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