Mindful Movement: First of the month check in’s

So exactly a month ago, as we woke, it was “officially” a new year, post New Year’s Eve celebrations.

And today, exactly a month later…. the 2nd month of 2018 begins.

Here’s a check in for you. Resolutions…. the amount of times we here the R word….

I’m not dead set nor a strong believer of “New Years resolutions”…. everyday is a new day – we should be setting new goals, promises, challengers daily! Not necessarily just because the calendar resets to 01/01.

Another belief of mine… do what makes you most comfy, and what works for you best. When you work with me and my team through our coaching and focus group programs… (www.mindful-movement.life/coaching) you’ll see a core of our belief which is to use our services and tools to grow into the full you. The most comfy most certain version of you. At the end of the day, it’s you who knows you best. We’re just here to help with the discovery and improvement along the way.

So…. “New Years resolutions”….. this is a post of nothing more than a check in, and a poke at the right button for you. How are they going? Are you on track to keep them going?

It may we’ll be (and a good sign) that in these last 31 days… they’ve changed / altered / solidified. Here’s another reminder… Make sure you’re waking daily and adding to that canvas — paint the canvas…. take the small steps! AND HAVE A GREAT DAY !

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