Mindful Movement: Be candid!

Here’s a light one for you. Happy Friday! Surely, you’d be lying to yourself if you say you haven’t (at least) once, tried to ‘pose’ for a candid picture. I know I have, many many times. To get what out of it? TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE IM HAVING A TON OF FUN, to get a cool shot and look “good”, forcing this man made smile that’s now really hurt my tummy. And then, step back into that moment of mediocre-ness and straight faces (that look like this😐).

SO HERE’s one for you….. why not just really live candid. Just really have fun wherever you are. Living light, in the moment, chilled. Almost child like. (I’m telling you, the pictures that’ll be taken in your head will be priceless and way less forced than the candid ones next to that cool wall on Lame Street) 😝.


P.s. here’s one I genuinely had fun in…. kinda…

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