Mindful Movement: Self-Awareness is a vital key🔑 to ..(*insert your goal here)

Happy hump day (Wednesday) readers!!! I hope as you’re reading this, you’re take a deep….deep inhale of breath…..followed by an exhale!, and repeat. Until the mind feels calmer, present, more focussed on the present moment. The feelings, the thoughts, the smells. Presence, here !

I came across an inspiring read yesterday, and in short a diagram that explains Self-Awareness perfectly, in 4 basic quadrants. (source: Dr. Tasha Eurich – HBR.Org)

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.28.08 PM.png

My resonation with this in particular is the balance that becomes crucial for each one of us, and whatever goal we’re working toward. (On this note, a goal i’m working toward is putting together content for my coaching and focus groups that deeply understand what enhances effective goal setting – something i’m excited to share with you soon.)

Ideally, we all want to work toward the top right, darker BLUE quadrant – AWARE, in order to help that achievement of that goal. The balance, of INTERNAL – knowing your core, building your core, knowing your goals – and how to get there. Balanced with EXTERNAL – the environment that surrounds me, the values, and the strengths of others. Seeing the good in others. – and the equation that comes from this product. 

I hope i’ve sparked some food for thought for you today, and you work mindfully toward this –> and to your goal. I’d be pleased to hear comments/thoughts/questions you have either by commenting below, or getting in touch with us at hello@mindful-movement.life

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