Mindful Movement: Mindset Monday’s (M.M.M.M)

Ask me what the most important asset an individual needs to have, no matter what age or stage they are in life, and I’ll tell you it’s mindset.Mindset is crucial. In my previous posts you may have read a little about me saying “you have to do the inner work” or the the 10,000 hour rule, that my idol Robin Sharma often refers to – about setting the internal straight –> before moving on to master the external. (If you haven’t yet read anything about this, you’ll definitely see more of it arise as you continue down the Mindful Movement journey with us).

So, on a Monday – (happy Monday!) I find it super beneficial to set the mindset straight. MINDSET MONDAY’s. Taking that bit of time to ensure we set the tone right for the week ahead. Whilst TGIFs and the weekend are great days, I find myself getting complacent, and losing a bit of momentum as to the goals we set, and how to reach them.

✅ Mindset = 💯🥇🏆 performance. Now that’s a 🛍💝 gift.

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