Mindful Movement: The Inner Work

Good leadership, mastery, excellence – what’s the common trait there? One may respond with saying they’re all qualities of solid individuals.

My take on this is a little deeper than just that. Whilst they are indeed qualities of solid individuals – there’s a more important, underlying point. They all start from within. do you do the inner work? Do you spend time on the daily building, polishing and fine tuning the qualities that start at our core – ourself, before going out and transmitting that into the outer world and the greater economy that we all share.

Here’s a simple way to look at it. If you go out and seek advice from any athlete or physical trainer, a fundamental part (one of many…..but an important one) that they’ll tell you is important, is strengthening and maintaining the core (the abdomen area of the body), right? “The Ab exercises”

Why’s that? Well because a strong core allows us to rely more and more on the inner, physical qualities that sit within the core of our body. Relying on a strong core allows for us to go on and (therefore) strengthen the other parts.. – confidence of the strength and ability within.

The same applies to mental capacity side….the inner work, helps strengthen / sharpen the tools that exist within to then go out and apply.

What does inner work look like? Different for everyone, I’m certain. It’s all about what works best for you. Some of the inner work I love doing includes:

  • Reading / learning – this can be of any capacity, it’s always great to learn something, and I’m certain this will help / compliment another peice of info you either already know, or are yet to read at a later date πŸ˜‰
  • Journaling & taking note of thoughts- clarity within reflects outward. Got ideas / thoughts / reflections? Get that pen to paper!
  • Daily moment(s) of calm – we live jam packed lives! We clog our schedules with things to do, just so we have things to do… over compensating & often, as a result under achieving. Gain that moment of calm and clarity – it works wonders.

Check out the Mindful Movement coaching program / focus group – where we do a lot of work on Building from the inner, and what works for each individual.

Want more information, get in touch 😎.

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