Mindful Movement: Wait… what exactly is Mindful Movement?

The movement….

Through our day, we make hundreds of thousands of movements. Whilst I’m certain (for myself) many are planned and intended, 1/2 as many are not. Much of the time, getting caught up in thought, distraction or simply zoning out means we aren’t fully present in the moment.

so what exactly is MINDFULNESS added to movement.. With MANY ways to interpret and explain… as well as act as if we’re being Mindful of our Movement we’ll keep adding to this list of clarity and in-depth explanation, sporadically.

For starters: Mindful Movement stems from the belief of deliberation and decisiveness through every step. Being fully focussed and present in all that we do – make sure we’re not living in the past (thought) or future (planning, for example) – but wholly and totally PRESENT. Where mind meets body and sits as one.

Do share, we’d love to hear from you! What are some of your greatest tips / tricks for being wholly Mindful in your Movement?

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