Mindful Movement: What is your personal mission statement?

Intentions that we have and put forward, evolve into results (or lack of). How you intend to go about your (Mindful) Movement is crucial to the end result. How detailed of an approach you take, and your plans for execution. If you notice, your favourite brand / product, anything of that sort – take note of how the market leaders and the world class innovators differentiate themselves! – their intentions and the way in which they execute.

Keep in mind, this blog is all about exploration and finding what works best for each individual. I strongly believe each one of us reading this has a common interest of being mindful in our movement – for starters. With this comes our execution.

So with intentions – and purposeful movement, mission statements are important. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE, for example. This could be for the day / week / month / or even a single task. Setting these define a more clear and paved path. A statement (a series of words collated together) to go out and complete a mission / or action.

Your favourite brands / products all have a clear, defined mission statement. This outlines their purpose. So, as you read this – have a think. What’s your mission statement? What’s your purpose?

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