Mindful Movement: How do you begin your day?

How you set up each day, determines how you WIN each day. Like everything, setting up and starting is so crucial to how the results turn out.

In this video, Tim Ferris refers to some of both his, and some of the most notable people on this planet’s morning routine. WIN WIN WIN. Some of my morning habits include:

  • breathing / meditation / awareness of breath. A tone for the day, calmness – presence. The easiest and often most overlooked way of being mindful is through the breath. I literally call this the way in which we re send oxygen to our brains. We often get so caught up with thoughts / actions – we forget the reason we’re still beathing and functioning.
  • positive affirmations
  • gratitude >> (a re-focus on what I DO have, as opposed to what i don’t)
  • journaling of general thoughts, I LOVE writing ideas too for my day – i know i speak for many when i say we have thousands (000’s) of racing thoughts each day, good bad, irrelevant – why not jot them down.
    IF bad / irrelevant – we learn to release them, writing is a fantastic way to do that – get it out of your system, (the old fashioned way 😉 )
    IF good – we learn to appreciate them, and often explore them, and if we wish even work to pursue them and elaborate on them later in the day / week / or life.
  • WIG TAT – “What I’m Going To Achieve Today” – NOT “TO DO LIST / TO DO TODAY / LIST OF CHORES” BE AFFIRMATIVE – SPEAK WITH UMPH. > accountability is key.

I love doing all this with my morning cup of coffee.

Personally, i’m a big fan of setting my day right from the get go – right thoughts, right actions, positive affirmations. (and often when I don’t, i lack the drive and subsequently the results from which come out of that day).

In my TED talk earlier this year, i labelled this the On-load process in which we on-load (“prepare”) for our day, to set the right tone. The same way in which we fuel our bodies with breakfast, take care of our health with vitamins, or put on our warm socks and sweaters for a cold day.

SO, how do you begin your day??


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